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People seek tutoring for many different reasons. Some parents and guardians have children  labeled with various challenges such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and AD/HD. Others want their children to improve their reading fluency, speed, or comprehension. Many families desire support in certain subjects because the students are unable to succeed in their classroom setting. Some just want their kids to get ahead, or have the opportunity to excel. And there are many adults who seek help for themselves! Whatever the reason, our Certified Teachers are here to help.

Many students come to our center feeling like their learning challenges are their fault. At Academic Associates, we know that every child learns differently, and we help our students find ways to be successful. They leave our center empowered and confident that with the right tools, they can achieve their goals.

Our teachers don't just tutor--we teach. The Academic Associates Reading Program™ is a step-by-step reading system backed by research and proven by thousands of students around the globe. Graduates of the program typically gain 2 - 4 years in reading ability, even after they've tried other programs and failed.


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